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After several glasses of wine, your attached friends have persuaded you that you simply must give an online dating app like LOVOO or Tinder a go. Here’s our tongue-in-cheek guide to the five stages of online dating: Stage One: Denial I don’t need online dating, you tell yourself. via GIPHY Stage Two: Anger Like a confused OAP trying to navigate Facebook for the first time, your first steps into online dating can be frustrating. Why can’t I filter out people with unrealistic expectations or obvious mother issues?

But as weeks turn into months and the closest thing your bed has seen to some filthy action is a spilled cup of tea, it’s quite possible that you might be in denial.

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Should you ignore your desire for an alluring rich stranger and take a chance on a short, slightly overweight supermarket cashier with a great sense of humour? via GIPHY Stage Four: Depression Unfortunately, it’s rare to meet your perfect match on the first few dates – so prepare yourself for at least a few disappointing experiences.

After all, having a few extra stories to tell can come in handy someday.

With that said, here’s something that I trust will encourage you. She’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever known—beautiful inside and out.

After two or three awkward dinners full of one-sided conversations and extended silences, it can be tempting to retreat to your bedroom and vow to eat ice cream under the covers for the rest of your life.

via GIPHY Stage Five: Acceptance Once you’re past the awkward stages, it’s time to start having fun.