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Mirror Group planned to turn Sportswire into a separate channel to operate alongside the proposed L! Wire was closed at the end of May 1995 but the proposed Sportswire channel came to nothing, leaving Mirror Television with just L! At its launch in 1995, the station was headed by Kelvin Mac Kenzie with Janet Street-Porter as managing director and a team of young presenters, dubbed as "Tellybrats", who were new to TV.

Sports programming on Wire had been expanded when several sporting rights were acquired, such as Vauxhall Conference football, the live broadcast rights to screen Lennox Lewis's WBC title fights and the 1996 Cricket World Cup as well as other sporting coverage following a deal with Chrysalis Sport. We have been indexing Roku private channels since 2012.Our index continues to be updated weekly – if not daily – with recently announced private channels.When connected to your in-home XFINITY network, you can watch all the channels on your lineup (i.e., those included with your XFINITY TV subscription) through the XFINITY Stream app and portal, with the exception of pay per view or Adult channels.Outside the home, over 200 channels and over 40,000 TV shows and movies from your lineup will be available for live streaming.