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They eyes looked like the ones we see on television and the pictures of them.'And reflecting on what he had seen, Fogus said: 'The Great Father didn’t just make this planet…. 'He put beings on these planets just like he put us on this one.They’re smarter then we are.'The book has been published by Philip Mantle, who is a former director of investigations for the British UFO Research Association.

After the shooting, Tolle learned that his colleagues had been to Miller's home before.

Nevada sheriffs on Saturday released disturbing body cam footage showing a deputy fatally shooting a dog while responding to an activated house alarm on April 10 that turned out to be false. The deputy told Miller he thought the dog was about to attack him. Sheriff's deputies visited the property about a dozen times over the past five years.

The incident occurred at the Pahrump, Nevada home of Gary Miller, a world record holder in power lifting and a certified firefighter, according to KTNV-TV. Body cam footage records a conversation between Tolle and a sergeant who showed up after the dog was shot.

The debris has been identified as that of a radar target.

The Air Force released a report debunking reports of a UFO crash near Roswell The deputy told Deanna Short, a private investigator from LA, there were between 300 and 400 soldiers on the scene when he arrived with Sheriff Jess Slaughter in July 1947.