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This next mission leaves Ryder with a lot to prove. The a fleet of kett ships stops the Tempest in its tracks. unexpected difficulty on the journey to the Onaon system.

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office says the body of Jeffrey Bushroe, of Tucson, was found next to the snow-packed trail to Crater Lake near the Maroon Bells on Saturday morning.

The Pathfinder crew must stay on the ship, but Ryder is commanded to follow Paaran Shie closely.

Fall behind or make any unexpected moves and they threaten to shoot.

Kallo and SAM get them through to the Vault’s coordinates. Ryder is confident and more positive about this engagement.

The world they land on is inhabited by an intelligent alien species different from the kett. The locals aren’t exactly kind, but they don’t shoot on first contact either. They know of the humans, but are surprised to see anyone find their hidden city.