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You can like someone without them knowing unless you’ve liked them back.

You can contact someone without, truthfully, putting much effort into it.

Dear Amy: I am a senior who recently started dating. I liked him but he was being too intrusive, in my view. Once when he asked to get together, I told him I had other plans, and he later questioned the veracity of my explanation.

I felt like I was a teenager being monitored by a parent, and told him so.

Your own attitude and behavior indicate that you are open, and can take good care of yourself. Her dog (and constant companion) of 12 years recently died.

I had to call the local police and neighbors to find out if she was OK. She said that she did not want to talk, but now she will not respond to my texts, emails or birthday cards/gifts. I want to visit, but I have exhausted my efforts to contact her. It is still my home and I would like to visit, but the last visit did not end on a positive note.

We help you examine your relationship along three measures of compatibility: biocompatibility, neurocompatibility, and psychological compatibility.

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Although I enjoyed his company, I don't want to reopen this relationship. Dear Wondering: Your instincts regarding this relationship and the level of control this man was attempting to exert are 100 percent solid. Not only do you NOT owe him any explanation for your distance, I agree with you that providing any explanation will only open the door for further contact. If necessary, block his number, but keep evidence of his calls, texts, and voice mail messages.

I remember when a girl tried to insult me by calling me a “fucktard” and another white bread girl said to “get at” her.

Just because you know the words to a Drake song and go to hip restaurants doesn’t make you cool.

Learn More Our psychology instrument profiles your behavioral patterns in four well-researched dimensions of relationships.

Your results, will enlighten you as to how you match with your partner whose results may differ on some factors and perhaps overlap on others.