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But, she added, "The statute that is on the books exempting (surrogacy) from the criminal code is kind of antiquated."Iowa law clarifies under "Purchase or sale of individual": "A person commits a class 'C' felony when the person purchases or sells or attempts to purchase or sell an individual to another person.

This section does not apply to a surrogate mother arrangement.

Test out your innovations in teams of 3 – 6 people and discover if your ideas are viable.Even states such as Arizona, where surrogacy is banned, still see such births.Nothing in Iowa law specifically prohibits surrogacy, said Carmen Janssen, a family law attorney in West Des Moines who has carved out an increasing specialty in the field.Recent research suggests that colleges and universities tend to fall into four general camps on the issue of employee-student amorous relationships: the first and second banall or some amorous relationships between institutional employees and students; the third discourages such relationships; and the fourth has not taken public action to address such relationships.[6] Review of sample policies reveals nuance within these categories.For example, some policies focus entirely on the status of the individuals (“student” or “faculty”).