Sirius updating channels stuck

I have noticed more delay on some channels but never had to change channels to get it to update. Type in your radio number. I have owned the car for 6 months and the problem started about 5 days ago.

A little off topic but has anyone figured a way around the 16 character display limit on titles and artists? When it gets too hot or too cold out, the XM kicks out and gets stuck on 'loading'. And the signal will go out with every underpass or parking garage. If you find you have to restart your car to get the XM to work. When it happens the radio display does not update artist and song until I either change channels or hit the preset button for the channel that is playing.

If I toggle to any other screen (nav, climate, energy) then toggle back to the radio then the text will update to both the current song name and artist.

Otherwise, it will stay stuck for every subsequent song.

I don't have any issues in any other mode, so I was assuming it was an XM issue...

I noticed this on my red 2011 as well (don't know about my wife's 2011, she hasn't said anything). I haven't tried other stations to see if they have the same problem. Did a Google search "XM artist title update" and found the issue mentioned on in the past, with one poster having the same problem on a Nissan Rogue a couple of days rid of XM (let it expire, stop paying for it), and you won't have any problem... Mine expired, but when they swapped out my radio, I think I got another 3 month trial.

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but only for the next two songs, then it sticks again. I've seen a couple threads here where people note their center stack randomly reboots. I've noticed since I got my Volt back from the dealer last week, when on XM, the song / artist take a while to update (if they update at all), unless I change channels and change warmer weather (usually over 72) it happens 50% of the time. The technician at my local Lexus told me he has had a few people mention the problem, but they don't know what causes it. Refreshing the radio with an activation signal does not resolve the problem.I spoke with technical support at Sirius/XM and they felt it was a hardware issue and suggested I see my Nissan dealer.Your dealer SHOULD have activated the trial for you before left the lot, but most dealers don't do it.So, you can call either the number that comes up on the screen when you go to it on ICT/ICT Pro or call 1-855-599-5618 to activate your trial. If you picked up your FPACE in the last two weeks, you were able to listen to SOME channels for free (60 of them).