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He was inducted into the Mexico's Salón de la Fama in 1971 and into the American Hall of Fame in 1972 by the Special Committee on the Negro Leagues.Gibson is widely considered to be one of the best power hitters in baseball history, but he was never allowed to play in Major League Baseball as racial segregation excluded African-Americans from playing in the leagues during his lifetime.But, unexpectedly, it's the rookie with the army record, Jackie Robinson, that gets tapped to be the first. Major League All-Star Game, played in 1945, there is a 50-star flag on the flagpole (two close-up shots). See more » Kevin Rodney Sullivan uses this masterpiece of a cable movie to build his resume for his entre into feature film directing ("How Stella Got Her Groove Back").HBO Pictures' faith in the young actor/director, who to date has very few credits as either, is justified. Everyone knows that soon, the Major Leagues will be integrated.It's little more than a philosophical exercise right now, as Gordon is verging on Justin Blackmon territory.

See full summary » Jeff Cole is a recent graduate of the Cincinnati police academy who dreams of working undercover.

First of all I'd name this guy Josh Gibson for a place.

He's one of the greatest backstops in history, I think.

Most think the player who breaks the "color line" will be an established Negro Leagues star, such as legendary hurler Leroy "Satchel" Paige of the Kansas City Monarchs or Homestead Grays' catcher Josh Gibson, who was called "the black Babe Ruth." But Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey confounds the experts and chooses the confrontational but cerebral Jackie Robinson first.

Delroy Lindo, an unheralded but talented character actor ("Broken Arrow," "Get Shorty," "Malcolm X," "Crooklyn") shows true leading man potential as Satchel Paige in this engaging story about the struggle for Negro League stars to make it to the "big leagues" in the mid 1940s. Law"), a fine actor, seems physically miscast as Jackie Robinson, but turns in a credible performance as the future Brooklyn Dodger second baseman and Hall of Famer.