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Not every C thing works in C , and when you bring idioms into the mix the best solutions may/will vary wildly. If one day you switch to C you can ask a new question and find out whether the answer is the same.

You've got guys posing at the gym, guys showing off their moms, guys with pictures of only their cars and none of their face (scary), and of course, there are guys with their fish.Fishing app Fishbrain recently analyzed Tinder photos of men ages 18 to 35 years old in Florida and found that 22% of them posed with a fish. Then the study polled over 1,000 members of a college sorority, and found that 46% of the women agreed, fishermen can get it.But unfortunately for the guys, size still matters.All that is required to date in Find Date is user’s profile picture.A user can message another user, only when the other user ‘Like’ the former’s profile.